The Transition Team

Your Transition is

Our Mission


We are The Transition Team.

“Your Transition is Our Mission!”

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The Transition Team is a “one-stop-shop” for all your needs during a life transition and relocation. These times occur such as with the birth of a baby and an increase in a home’s size is needed, or with the passing of a loved one, and downsizing would bring comfort or is necessary. Services performed by The Transition Team include:

  • A real estate expert to help you sell that home which no longer suits you
  • An estate sale professional to assist you with estate liquidation
  • Clean up and disposal of unwanted items
  • Professional organizing
  • Relocation experts and movers
  • Handyman repair work
  • Yard clean up and debris removal
  • Referral coordination to senior living centers with varying levels of care



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How do we stand as one of the most innovative services team in the Portland Metro Area? The Transition Team collaborates with you and so many other partners to advocate for you in a more innovate way than any other brokerage in Portland. With our dedicated professionals we have many years of transactional experience and experience beyond the real estate and estate sales industries. Each person has a specific and vital role to play in selling your home. Our customized analysis and marketing plan is specific to the personality of your home and your treasures. It’s our strategy for your success. We see ourselves as your partners in this new chapter of your life, and we strive to ensure that when you are resettled, thoughts of how we assisted you during your life transition always bring a smile to your heart.

We are partnered with Oregon First who has a variety of tools as you begin thinking about selling or buying a home. Please click on their graphic to go to their site and examine some of those tools and literature.




When you’re ready to talk to us about selling or buying a home, or how we can help in your transition, please scroll to the bottom of this page and contact us via Email, Social Media, or Telephone. Your Transition is our Mission!!

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I will actually listen to what you want. I do the research using my time, experience and all the tools that a today’s professional Realtor has available. I use “Old School” techniques taught to me by my aunt and grandmother who believed, as I do, that my job is to research and find the right place that meets your wants and needs, walking through each possible property before taking your valuable time to show you something that may look good on the computer, but in reality is sometimes far from what you want. That’s my job. To use my time and not waste yours. After all, it’s not your job to meet my needs. The Transition Team is dedicated to meeting your needs where you are and providing that personal touch.

In addition, you can search for your dream home today with our real estate listings search tools. Just click either  “current listings” or “search RMLS” buttons above. It will guide you to houses, condominiums, land, recreational, and farm or ranches available for sale.

Then, give me a call when you are ready and I will gladly represent you, as a “Buyers Agent”. I’ll make sure you get the best deal possible. Together we’ll set appointments and walk through the process of selecting a place that meets your wants and needs. We’ll select the right property, negotiate the price, go over mortgage lender requirements, and transition from your current home to your new home that meets all your current needs.

Whether it’s transitioning up, downsizing, or a lateral transition based on your current phase of life, we are here for you.